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Jerry Miller Homes is actively looking for business opportunities involving residential construction.  As a committed builder in the 30-A area of S Walton County, Jerry believes in the vitality of the community, and wants to contribute to its quality growth with superior new homes.   Lot Owners If you own a lot in the S Walton County area and would like to partner with Jerry Miller Homes to build a house for investment or resale, we want to talk to you.   New Home Seekers If you are looking to purchase a new home in the S Walton County area, but can’t find the perfect home for sale.  Jerry Miller Homes can help identify a lot and house plan to meet your needs.  Then the construction of the home will be completed in a timely, professional manner with active communication throughout the process.   Investors If you are interested in providing the funding for the construction of a new Jerry Miller Homes’ residence, with the ability to participate in the profits of the project, we want to talk to you.  Varying house construction projects of many sizes, costs and locations are available.  

Jerry Miller Homes

P O Box 4817

Seaside, FL  32459